Pitaka Password Wallet


Safeguard all your sensitive data such as your bank info, credit card numbers, web credentials and combinations. Keep them protected locally with the highest grade AES 256-bit encryption available. Additional measures are taken to make your data even more secure by using a salted encryption algorithm.Stay Local and Stay Secure. Don’t take risk with other password managers by syncing your data to the cloud where it can be potentially hacked. Data presented to the user are decrypted in memory so data stays encrypted in storage until it is presented.Key Features:* Easy Access, your records are easy to find and a click or two away (no need to navigate a crazy hierarchy just to find a bank entry)* Favorites, allows you to easily find frequently accessed entries* UNDO Deletions, it’s always nice to revert from a deletion* Master Password Protection* Sensitive Data protection using AES 256-bit encryption plus salting* Locally stored data, keeps your data safe, secure and locally available to your phone only* In-Memory decryption algorithm, keeps your data in encrypted form until we present it to you* URL Links, allows you to provide access to your web logons* Autocompletion of common URLs* Clickable Phone Numbers, allows you to launch your phone dialer with the clicked phone number and ready to dial* Sensitive Data Field Masking, keeps your pins, passwords and combinations protected from prying eyes* Ice cream Sandwich / Jelly Bean Look and Feel* Mobile Phone and Tablet Views, takes advantage of your device real estate based on the screen sizeAvailable Templates Bank Birthday Combination Computer Logon Credit Card Email Frequent Flyer Miles Prescription Vehicle Info Voicemail Web Logon Wifi LogonFrequently Asked Questions:http://sensibledroids-pitaka.blogspot.com/p/faq.htmlPassword Wallet Manager

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