a.k.a. "Setback" or "High Low Jack"1.15 Update: Tablet Support and bid to win preferencePlay 4 Point Pitch, 5 Point Pitch, 10 Point Pitch or just about any other type of pitch against three computer opponents.- Bid to win option- Trump only play option- Deal 6 or 9 cards- Who gets Low point option- Declare trump/choose trump options- Play to 11, 21, 52 or any other score- See Point options below.As a 4 point pitch player, please email me your comments and suggestions, especially on other point pitch, so that I may improve the game.Thank you to all of you whose suggestions have made the game what it is now.Point Options:Jick (Off-Jack)One JokerTwo JokersTen (Game)Trey (worth 3)Off-Three (3)Five (5)Off-Five (5)GameLast TrickKeywords:4 Point PitchFour Point Pitch5 Point PitchFive Point Pitch7 Point PitchSeven Point Pitch10 Point PitchTen Point Pitch13 Point PitchThirteen Point PitchSetbackHigh Low Jack

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