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"PixieMemo2" is a Home Screen Widget by which lovely Pixie introduces the memo that you registered to the message board on the home screen. Please use it instead of the tag paper when you want to display the ToDo memo etc. on the screen. Memos are registrable up to ten. Because the registered memo is switched every minute and displayed on the message board, the memo can be managed without taking space. Moreover, because Pixie’s externals can be customized, it can be coordinate in feelings on the day. – When installing it, warning is displayed. This is warning for an advertising display. Please acknowledge it. ## How to use ##- Start -1. [Menu]->?Widget?->[PixieMemo2]2. The "PixieMemo2" widget is displayed on the home screen. 3. "PixieMemo2" widget consists of Pixie image and Message Board.* You touch pixie image. You can change the indication of the memo when you touch pixie image, if you register some memos.* You touch message board. A setting screen is displayed and can perform various setting.- Registration and deletion of memo -1. Please touch the message board image.2. A set screen opens. 3. Please push the Spinner button of "Memo01". The memo column to 1-15 can be selected. 4. Please touch the text editing column after selecting the memo column. The memo can be edited. 5. When the edit of the memo is completed, the "Set" button under the edit column is pushed. The memo registration is completed. 6. Please select the memo to be deleted from the Spinner button if you want to delete the memo that you register. And, please push the "Clear" button. The memo is deleted. 7. When you want to share a memo with other application, you push the "?" button of the spinner button side. Please choose the application among a list of application that you can share.- Memo automatic change indication setting -1. Please touch the message board image.2. A set screen opens. 3. You operate the "Auto Change"check box, and you can do ON or OFF of the automatic change function of the memo. * ON When some memos are registered, the memo is displayed in spite of being a change every one minute by the message board of the home screen. * OFF Only one memo is displayed from a memo registered to the message board of the home screen. When you touch the pig image of the home screen, a memo change is possible.- Select Text Size -1. Please touch the message board image.2. A set screen opens. 3. When you operate check box of "Text Size", You can choose a size of "Small" or "Middle" or "Large".- Customizing of Pixie image -1. Please touch the message board image.2. A set screen opens. 3. When a set screen is scrolled, the pixie image is displayed. There is an item to customize the pixie at the right of the pixie image. A customizable element becomes the following. ????Pixie’s hat.????Pixie’s clothes.????Pixie’s item.????MessageBoard4. When it touches the customizing item, the selected item is reflected in the Preview image. 5. When customizing is completed, the "Set" button under the Message Board is pushed. Then, customizing is reflected by the image on the home screen.

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