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Taking photos? With PixMix you can easily do =>1. Automatically organize the photos into beautiful albums.2. Send your albums directly into your friend’s mobile device.3. Your friends could add photos to the album – you will see it immediately in your mobile!** No more sending photos via email or complex upload to friends! PixMix is a great app to create collaborative albums and share it privatelyAn Award winning app for selectively sharing photos with friends and family. Enjoying an event? Celebrating your birthday? Going on a trip? PixMix helps you share these moments privately with family or friends and at the same time get their best photos – all you need to do is take a picture!PixMix Features:+ Create private albums. Celebrating your birthday or wedding? Enjoying a football game? camping trip or a party?+ Share albums privately and selectively with family and friends.+ Each album’s participant can add photos to the album. The album will be instantly available to all participants from their mobile phones.+ Automatic photo backup in the cloud. (Auto syncs as soon as internet is available).+ Access to an album’s web gallery. The album’s gallery constantly changes as new photos are added – great for live slideshows during an event!+ Saves you the need to email or post your friends’ photos after a great party. + Lets you enjoy those great shots that your friends or family took. + More info on our website: http://www.pixmixapp.com/+ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pixmixapp+ Blog: http://blog.pixmixapp.com/+ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThePixMixKeywords: Pix Mix, pix-mix, private sharing, private albums, easy photo share, collaborative photo albums, joint photo albums, phone to phone sync.This application is not similar to:* PicMix -PixMix is about private sharing and not photo editing.* Facebook – PixMix is about sharing privately with selected friends and not to the public.* Dropbox – PixMix is about phone to phone sync and not backup oriented.

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