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FlowPaper brings the rich experience of real physics based fluid/plasma flow right on your device. With various configuration options, this will be an endless feast for your eyes. It helps you relax your mind whenever you switch on your phone. For refund policy please scroll to bottom of this text.*Note*To obtain same resolution as displayed in screenshots, please increase the resolution in engine settings.The app is built using the native code along with various algorithmic optimizations resulting in one of the most accurate flow solver available for android. Be amazed at the fluid dynamics presented to you in real-time!!Accurate flow physics is achieved using an optimized incompressible flow solver. This is different from existing apps such as Fleya. FlowPaper can be configured in various ways so that you can exhibit your individual tastes in color, complexity and dynamics. Prepare to be amazed at the variety of flows you can generate.Note:: We fixed the bug that caused the wallpaper to stop animating. If you find it reappearing, please let us know.Some of the customizations are:Engine Configuration: Frame rate per second Resolution :0,1,2,3 (very high resolution can potentially drain your battery) Speed of simulation (high speed=low accuracy)Flow Settings: Arrangement of nozzles Force of jet Size of jet Periodicity of jet (time, phase etc.) Dye Color (swipe screen to go to dye settings) Dye Injection rate Dye periodicity*Refund Policy*Besides market's 15 minute policy, we will process your refund if you make request within 2 days. Just drop us a mail with subject "FlowPaper refund" and include your order number in the mail.*FeedBack*We havent tested the wallpaper in all of the existing devices. If you have any trouble with the wallpaper, please let us know the nature of problem. We will try our max to rectify it. If not, we will refund your entire money.

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