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playAPP : Trick all your friends with the playAPP!(English Version)It has 7 items.1. Clipper : This is a shaver app. you can fake all your friends with this Clipper!2. Sword : If you shake your device, you'll hear sword sound & vibration!3-4. Hair Dryer&Machine Gun : Once touch your device, it will make their sound! Once your device is touched, ... 5. Fart Sound : This one is an awesome function! You can choose 8 types of fart sounds, and you can choose time control also. ... You can choose one or multiple fart sounds (up to 8), and you can also CONTROL when to fart!!6. Broken Screen : You can trick your friends with this! When they touch your screen, it will be "cracked"! LOL!! So awesome!!!7. FAKE IQ Test : It looks like just a IQ Test App. but when you're solving the 5th Question, You will see the ghost and scream sound!!! It looks just like a regular IQ Test App. However, after solving the 5th question, a screaming ghost will POP out!8. Give me an IDEA : You liked this application? You can give me creative ideas to improve this Application! I'll anwer ASAP!! Give me any IDEA: How do you like this application? Please give me all creative ideas you have to improve this App! I'll respond promptly!

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