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Ever wanted to travel to Japan? Or have you already been there and miss it? Whether you're new and eager to go, or a die hard Japan-fan and feeling nostalgic, bring the land of the rising sun into the palm of your hand and tell your friends you've Played in Japan!Played in Japan is the first of the 'Played in' mini-games series based on real world famous Japanese attractions. Experience one of the many attractions that makes Japan such a culturally rich country. Each mini-game preserves the true environment of the attraction, with game play directly relating to what visitors will actually experience in real life!Just want to pick up and play? Played in Japan is great for casual gamers of all ages. Touch controls are simple, intuitive, and designed for short spurts of fun. No complicated controls!Mini-game attractions:Kiyomizu-dera (Temple of Pure Water), Kyoto-------------------------------------------Catch the magical waters at Kiyomizu-dera using the special long reaching metal cup to collect wishing charms!* Arcade Mode! Catch and drink as much water as you can.* 32 Themed levels! Take it easy in the Beginner levels, or really test your concentration and reflexes in the Expert levels. Can you clear them all?Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo-------------------------------------------Guide pedestrians across the road at one of the most busiest scramble crossings in the world! A popular spot for tourist photos, see how many points you can score using your micro management skills!Developer Notes:* If you already have the Free Version installed and want to copy your progress over, download and run this version BEFORE uninstalling the Free Version. It will automatically copy over progress.Issues Downloading/Installing?------------------------------Note these are issues associated with some Android devices, not the game itself!* If you're getting errors installing to SD card, try this:* If you're still getting errors installing to SD card, try unmounting your SD card, installing the game, and then remounting the SD card. If successful you can then move the game to the SD card.* If you're experiencing Downloading errors from the Market App, try this:* Otherwise please contact us directly!

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