Pocket Dragons RPG


Pocket-size RPG packed with epic fights in real-time! Features elements of the best Android titles and classic RPG.Fast-paced dynamic gameplay. Colorful comic-style graphics. Epic battles.HUGE MAGICAL WORLD IN DANGER!Your honorable mission is to protect it. You will find yourself in a quirky fantasy world of Pocket Dragons. They need your help! Defeat their enemies and save them!Build your own small dragon army and combat the forces of Darkness! Manage your dragons, develop their skills, and make your party stronger. Try out various strategies in epic battles. Help your Pocket Dragons protect their world from imminent danger!EXPLORE!Start your adventure with 100+ exciting Campaign missions. Blaze your trail through 6 scenic locations: fields to mountains, desert, volcano and more. Meet a bunch of monsters with unique behavior and abilities. Discover and tame new dragons each with their own unique skills.EXPERIMENT!Train your dragons to make them stronger. Customize dragons abilities to find the strategy that works best and put it into practice.FIGHT!Challenge other players around the world in PvP mode. Engage in epic battles, rise your rank and make it to the top of the global leaderboards.PLAY WITH FRIENDS!Invite your facebook friends to join the game! Exchange gifts, win duels and share your victories!FEATURES:Simple tap controlsGlobal online battles and leaderboards8 different dragons to play6 unique fantastic locations to explore36 enemy typesOver 150 unique items of weapon, armor, etc.

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