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Learn italian. Learn spanish.Impara italiano. Aprende espanol. Imparare lo spagnolo.Learn Italian and Spanish words with Pocket Languages.It lets you to learn the basic vocabulary of Italian,English and Spanish.Using it you will learn hundreds of words in a nice way. You can use it every time you have just 5 minutes free.The content is divided into several units of learning, each of which takes a few minutes of study. For every unit you can quickly test your knowledge.There are two kinds of test: listening and writing.Send comments and suggests to: northwindsoftware@gmail.comITALIAN PRONUCIATION ERRORS HAVE BEEN CORRECTED.IMPORTANT. The app use TTS in order to speak. To check whether your phone has text-to-speech capabilities go to Menu -> Settings -> Voice input & output -> Text-to-speech settings.If you have Android 1.6 go to Menu -> Settings -> Speech synthesis.italian-english engilsh-italianitalian-spanish spanish-italianspanish-english english-spanishlearn italian imapara italiano studia italianoitaliano spagnolo espanol ingleseasy english easy spanish easy italianenglish spanish italian learn languageslearn english test english study english ingleselearn spanish test spanish study spanish espanollearn italian test italian study italian italinaolearn vocabulary words visual english visual spanish visual italianimpara italiano aprende espanol imparare lo spagnolo learn english

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