Pocket Pets


Do you want a pet you can take anywhere with you on the go? One that is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet you can’t get in trouble for having an actual pet with you? Well why not get yourself a virtual Pocket Pet! You can choose from a dog, cat, monkey, tiger, and penguin. They even grow up in real time. Well as real as possible as to not make you old when it finally grows up. Every 5 days or so depending on how well you raise your pet it will grow up some. Come back each day to keep your pets happy. Even if just for a moment.You start off by naming your pet. Anything your heart desires. Then you must take care of it to keep it happy because if you don’t your pet will run away. You must feed, do tricks, clean up your pets poop, and pet your pet to keep it feeling happy and healthy. It’s your pet. So treat it well. Keep in mind you can have as many pets as you wish.**Please note that this is not a game with points and such. It is simply a virtual pet.**Pocket Pets will continue to grow with future updates adding even more animations, interactions, sounds, and many other features to keep you coming back to your pets.If you have any requests for what you would like to see your pets do or have comments, concerns, or suggestions feel free to email me at FallacyStudios@gmail.com.TAGS: pet, pets, pocket, virtual, digital, animal, dog, cat, tiger, monkey, penguin, care, feed, real time, puppy, kitten, cub, pal, virtual pet, virtual pets, digital pet, digital pets(c) 2011 Fallacy Studios

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