Pocket Reference for Chemical


Pocket Reference for Chemical, Biological, and Radiologic Agents is designed for all public safety personnel who have the potential to come in contact with a victim of CBR exposure. Provides all First Responders, as well as hospital-based medical professionals, with a concise but complete reference that is relevant to a weapons-of-mass-destruction (WMD) incident. Category A and B biological agents that are designated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as having the greatest potential for use as biological weapons are reviewed in this resources.- An indispensable resource for Paramedics and EMS responders.Concise, yet detailed resource that will aid the user in making critical decisions regarding a CBR agent or exposure. – References agents using the following format: agent description, clinical features, diagnosis, medical management, and decontamination. – Included sections on casualty decontamination and triange, bilogical agents, toxins, chemical agents and acute radiation sickness.- Initially was developed for and was used by U.S. Navy Medical Department personnel deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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