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Police Scanner and RadioPolice Scanner and Radio is the best police scanner or police radio out there because it is FREE but gives you all of the same features and quality as the paid radio apps. Police Scanner and Radio lets you listen in on live emergency (firefighter and police), military (marine) and transportation (airplanes and railroads) conversations taking place over the radio waves. Scan what's being said so you can be the first to learn breaking news in your area. (Please note it is legal to listen to, but not interfere with, police feeds for entertainment purposes only.)Features:- Listen to the police radio (similar to a police scanner)- Choose from one of the 3500 Police Scanner Radio options that come with this app- Listen to police feeds in the background (you can use other apps or visit websites while you listen to the transmissions) - Choose from any police radios around you with our nearby feature (we even tell you how far you are away from the radio station)- Choose from the Top100 feeds- Or search the country, state, county or city to find the feed you would like to tune into- The app also comes with a police code language dictionary so you know what’s going on the police radio that you are listening toHow does a police radio scanner work? (answer from Wikipedia)A scanner is a radio receiver that can automatically tune, or scan, two or more discrete frequencies, stopping when it finds a signal on one of them and then continuing to scan other frequencies when the initial transmission ceases.Is the radio real?Yes, all of the police streams that you can listen to in the police scanner radio are real. They are played in real-time. 10-0 Caution10-1 Reception poor10-2 Reception good10-3 Stop transmitting10-4 Message received, understood10-5 Repay message10-6 Change channel10-7 Out of service10-7A Out of service, home10-7B Out of service, personal10-8 In service10-9 Repeat message10-10 Off duty10-10A Off duty, home10-11 Identify frequency10-12 Visitor(s) present10-13 Weather and road advice10-14 Citizen w/suspect10-15 Prisoner in custody10-16 Pick up prisoner10-17 Request for gasoline10-18 Equipment exchange10-19 Return(ing) to station10-20 Location10-21 Telephone10-21A Advise home I will return at:10-22 Disregard last assignment10-23 Stand by10-24 Request car-to-car transmit10-25 Do you have contact with:10-26 Clear10-27 D.D.L. report10-28 Registration request10-29 Check for wants10-29F Subject wanted, felony10-29H Hazard potential from subject10-29M Subject wanted, Misdemeanor10-29V Vehicle wanted10-30 Doesn't conform to regulations10-32 Drowning10-33 Alarm sounding, audible 10-34 Assist at office10-35 Time check10-36 Confidential information10-37 Identify operator10-39 Can () come to the radio?10-40 Is () available for phone call?10-42 Check the welfare of/at:10-43 Call a doctor10-45 Condition of patient?10-45A Good10-45B Serious10-45C Critical10-45D Dead10-49 Proceed to:10-50 Under influence of drugs10-51 Drunk10-52 Resuscitator10-53 Man down10-54 Possible dead body10-55 Coroner case10-56 Suicide10-56A Suicide attempt10-57 Missing person10-59 Security check10-60 Lock-out10-61 Miscellaneous public service10-62 Meet a citizen10-62A Take a report from a citizen10-62B Civilian standby10-63 Prepare to copy10-64 Found property10-66 Suspicious person10-67 Person calling for help10-68 Telephone for police10-70 Prowler10-71 Shooting10-72 Gun involved10-73 How do you receive?10-79 Bomb threat10-80 Explosion10-86 Any radio traffic?10-88 Assume post10-91 Animal10-91A Animal, stray10-91B Animal, noisy10-91C Animal, injured10-91D Animal, dead10-91E Animal, bite10-91G Animal, pickup10-91J Animal, pickup collect10-91L Animal, leash law violation10-91V Animal, vicious10-95 Need ID tech unit10-97 Arrived at scene10-98 Available to assign

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