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CategoryArcade & Action
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Added2 years ago
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by On March 25, 2013
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Pool Island PRO. Ad Free version of Pool Island FREEPool IslandPlay Pool Island. In this town you have to build your name from the very bottom.Play Pool Island in 5 different locations :* Dumb Squid* The Last Round* After Office* Lady Luckk* Casino RoyaleDifferent Levels : Amateur, Medium, Pro Levels. How to Play:Well, these are the basics of the game. first of all you have thetable and the cue. You can move the cue and give it an angle over thewhite ball with your fingers. Move it by pressing over the cueThis kind of movement is a little tough so you can make it accurate with the "fine movement"control. You can tap it or keep it pressed.Once you choose the direction that you want you can make the shotfrom the bar on the side. You can slide it or tap over the amount ofstrength you need.At this point you know how to move the white ball but... what can youdo with it?.You can score points winning the table, but there's a catch. You canscore more points depending on how you do it. If you pocket a ball andin the next shot you pocket another ball you get a bonus for the secondball, and if you pocket a 3rd ball in the next shot you get anotherbonus and so.. but if you miss a shot the counter starts again.You can also increase your points by the order in which the ballsare scored. Taking away if are scored in a row or not, if you get thisyou get points for each little sequence of the order.For example ....Another way of make points is by time. The remaining time at the endof the table will be converted to points. You don't lose if the timeis over, but you'll be rewarded for the remaining.And the last tip is about the bonus shoot. For every match you playthere's a bonus or "fantasy shoot" that you can try. You must make it inone shot. If you get it you'll be rewardedWell, that's all. Anyway don´t worry, I will be escorting you to everymatch you play to give you tips about the pubs and points needed. Nowgo, let's get them, tigerPlay Pool Island. Have Fun

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