Popcorn Hands


Presenting a brand-new game genre: a popcorn action & shooting minigame!Tap the screen repeatedly to rapidly launch corn kernels into the pan!Collect the 16 rank titles and earn acclaim as a popcorn master!How to Play- Tap the top of the screen to create corn kernels.- As kernels hit the frying pan, they will start to heat up and pop.- Once you run out of kernels or the frying pan becomes full, flick the bottom of the screen to toss the finished popcorn into a cup.- The onscreen popcorn will be cleared out and your kernels replenished, allowing you to start creating popcorn again.- Aim for your best high score and collect new ranks: Let’s Popcorn!Shoot for a high score!- Popped kernels give 10 points- Two popcorn pieces hitting in mid-air gives 1 point- Tap the coin or flame-up items for 100 points- Collect popcorn in the paper cup to earn 1 point per piece- Collect the letters released from UFOs to spell P-O-P-C-O-R-N. Once you collect them all, all onscreen popcorn will turn into coinsArt, sound, and game design: SKIPMOREProgramming: URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.

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