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阿水獅豬腳台北忠孝店(Pork Knuckle)

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內容說明:擁有40年歷史的台中阿水獅豬腳大王,在台北忠孝東路開分店囉(A Shui Shih Pork Knuckle ,Taipei Chunshiao Branch)。傳統道地美食,知名媒體報導,膠質Q彈的豬腳配上手工麵線,不僅征服老饕們的胃,更成為總統國宴、政商名流招待貴賓的菜色之一。適合祝壽送禮、生日、壽誕、添壽、閏月、團圓、圍爐、洗麈、接風等特殊節日,更讓日本、香港、陸客、東南亞觀光客慕名前來,成為來台必嚐之台灣小吃。功能簡介:1.台北忠孝店: 介紹阿水獅台北忠孝店的歷史及傳承台中老店的獨門秘方,吸引各方老饕及政商名流光顧,連國宴上都欽點台北忠孝店的豬腳。2.菜單精選: 台北忠孝店嚴選出最能代表阿水獅招牌的經典菜色,如:豬腳麵線、紅燒大腸頭、紅燒蹄筋、扁魚白菜等,逢年過節、生日喜宴送禮的豬腳麵線禮盒。透過圖片及文字介紹,讓您食指大動。3.店址導航: 透過Google Map,不管是開車、搭載大眾交通,皆可將您輕鬆引導至阿水獅台北忠孝店。4.電話直撥: 直接打電話至台北忠孝店。5.互動留言: 可線上與您的好友討論關於阿水獅台北忠孝店的感想。Content Description:The 40-year-old Taichung A water lion the pork knuckle king, Chung Hsiao East Road, Taipei open branches Hello (A Shui Shih Pork Knuckle, Taipei Chunshiao Branch).Traditional authentic cuisine, renowned media reports, coupled with handmade noodles, glial Q shells pig conquer connoisseurs stomach, become the presidential state banquet, one of the dishes of the political and business elite to entertain VIP. Suitable for birthday gifts, birthday, birthday, Tim Shou, leap month, reunion, fireplace, washing stag, Jie Feng and other special occasions, but also in Japan, Hong Kong, mainland tourists, Southeast Asian tourists come here, come to Taiwan must try Taiwan snacks.Features:1. Taipei Zhongxiao: Introduction A the water lion Taipei Zhongxiao history and heritage of the unique Taichung old recipe, attract the patronage of parties connoisseurs and the political and business elite, hand-picked the Taipei, Zhongxiao the pig's knuckles on state banquet.Menu selection: Taipei is Zhongxiao strict elected A water lion signs most representative of classic dishes, such as: pork knuckle noodles, braised colon head, braised tendons, flat fish, cabbage, etc., on holidays, birthday Wedding Banquet gifts pork knuckle noodles gift box. Introduced through pictures and text, so appetizing.The 3 shop navigation: through Google Map, whether it is car, powered by public transportation, can guide you easily to A water lion Taipei Zhongxiao.4 direct dial telephone: a direct call to the Taipei Zhongxiao.Interactive Message: A water lion Taipei Zhongxiao feelings online discussion with your friends.

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