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Android Fu's Prank Breathalyzer, Prankalyzer, is a fake breathometer with a punchline! When the app detects blowing in "Test" mode the blower will be presented with an inappropriate thrusting cartoon likeness of male genitalia. Punk'd! You giggled just thinking about it, right?! Wait until you actually pull off this gag on your friends. There they are thinking they're going to get their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) measured and BAM (!!!) an animated cartoon penis moving back and forth toward their pursed lips! Hilarious! You'll be the king of practical jokes when you whip this one out! No pun intended.Everything leading up to Test mode is used to setup the joke. From the initial "Reconfiguring Device" screen to the beautifully benign "Calibrating" mode. When you choose "calibrate" the device is actually detecting whether or not you're blowing into the microphone, but you'll be presented with a pretty green checkmark or angry red exclamation mark depending on whether you're blowing right. How funny is that?!*~*~*~*~ Adult Humor Disclaimer ~*~*~*~*This application is intended for mature audiences and features crude adult humor. Be mindful of surroundings and respectful of bystanders when using this application.*~*~*~*~ About Android Fu, LLC ~*~*~*~*The application is built upon 2 years of Android development experience and contains feedback and sharing features for direct communication with the developers at Android Fu, LLC. It also offers you an opportunity to forward any, should there be any, crash reports directly to our support team for assistance. We'll respond directly to your communications as quickly as possible. If you're having issues please reach out to us!*~*~*~*~ Permissions ~*~*~*~** ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE & INTERNET are used to send anonymous Google Analytics data just like surfing the web. By collecting this data we can determine the paths through the application that are being used, what buttons are being clicked and generally how successful people are with the app. This doesn't record who is using it in any way shape or form. Just how they use it so we can make the app better over time. These permissions are also used to communicate directly with you via a Message of the Day and upgrade notifications.* RECORD_AUDIO is used, obviously, to detect blowing on the microphone. Note that this is only used while the application is active. There's no permission for background service, etc. that might lead you to believe we're doing something less than scrupulous with the permission. One of the coolest things about this prank app is it actually detects blowing!* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is used to store, heaven forbid, any stack dumps should the application crash. On startup the app looks for any previously stored stack dumps and offers you the opportunity to forward those to us for analysis. The forwarding is executed in e-mail and you get to review the entire contents of the message as well as include a personalized message if you so desire. Sending these along to the development staff greatly speeds the correction of any issues that are identified and are much appreciated!*~*~*~*~ HTC Owners ~*~*~*~*HTC handsets are exhibiting an unexpected behavior when reading the microphone. The issue is under investigation, but HTC handsets have been excluded from the compatible devices list for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience.*~*~*~*~ Special Note ~*~*~*~*Note that it's spelled correctly as BREATHALYZER with a Y. Not breathalizer with an I. Tell us how we're doing. We'd love to hear from you!

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