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Prank: Gay Detector

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by On April 14, 2013
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LOOK AT THE "APP SCREENSHOTS" TO LEARN HOW TO USE IT!Actually there are 3 buttons instead of one. For details look at the app screenshots.1- Approach a friend and tell him about this new revolutionary app that is sensitive to human brainwaves, Said that a research show that depending on the individual sexual choice it display a different sign and this app can read it.2- Point the cellphone to yourself press the big red button in the lower section, gently slide your finger to the tiny left top and press AGAIN and it will display "NOT GAY"3- Try again but this time point the cellphone to your friends and instead of sliding to the left, slide it to the right tiny top of the "SCAN" button and it will display "GAY DETECTED" .TRY SOMETIMES ALONE UNTIL YOU GOT THE PERFECT TIMING- This app it's just for fun, the only function here is to get some laughs. =DEnjoy It

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