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This App doesn’t work alone. It works with PicasaTool Free app. Please install PicasaTool with this license app!PicasaTool will detect this License App and activate itself with premium features as below:? No Advs any more, have a clean interface.? Unlimited offline albums.? Moving photos from one album to another easily.? Slide show for both online and offline albums.? More Slide show effects (Push, Fading).? Play videos online.? Set default landing tab in settings.? More photo editing features enabled.? More resize options before upload (2048×2048 pixels – google+ user free size, 800×800 pixels – picasa user free size)? Upload any video (>10 seconds)? Offline albums are visible in Gallery, QuickPic apps.Check for help, if you have any other question/issue, please do not hesitate to send mail to! We’ll help you get fixed ASAP :-)NOTE!!- Go to PicasaTool "License" screen to check license activation. If Erorr 023 prompts, try uninstall/reinstall license app and try again.- Or EXIT(use ‘Back’ key) and RE-LAUNCH PicasaTool to get it activated automatically. (REBOOT the phone if required)Online help for key——-**Please KEEP license app installed, otherwise the premium features will be deactivated automatically.**You don’t need a key text to enter, the apk is the key.

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