Prepaid mobile phone recharge


Choose a credit – pay with – Mobile phone charging – that’s it!This app allows direct recharging your prepaid SIM card in Germany. Used is the TÜV Certified Services The app works without registration or additional costs, and optionally also by direct charge. You do not need any more pin codes, although this is also with the app now available in real time. Supports the well-known German operator Vodafone, O2, Telekom and e-plus as well as smaller discounters such as Congstar and other calling card provider and flat rate options.Direct charging no pin codeVodafoneTelecomE-PlusO2Ay YildizBaseOrtelVybeVivaO2CongstarCall with pin codesD2 CallNowD1 XtraCashO2E-PlusBlau.deSimyoMobile PictureCongstarCall MobileAy YildizBaseLebara MobileVivaVybeSure Mobilemobile worldringRTLmobilBlue WorldFlatrate optionsD2 eveningD2 WeekendD2 SMS 35,125,250O2 WeekendO2 flatrateO2 SMSO2 InternetCalling CardsGoBananasGoAfricaGoasiaGoLatinaGo TurkeyNationalT-Card

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