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Parents, help your toddler learn the basics with this fun and simple preschool learning tool. Preschool Basics is a colorful set of flash cards for preschool and kindergarten. With just one app, your child can learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and vocabulary words. View the cards in order or shuffle the cards to increase the challenge. Tap the flash card to hear the word spoken.Preschool Basics is rated top 5 Best Android Apps For Pre-School Age by, top 10 educational Android apps for children by, and 10 Best Educational Android apps for Kids by Basics features:ABC’s – Alphabet flash cards show a letter with an image, such as "A for apple." 123’s – Number flash card teach numbers one to ten. Number cards animate to demonstrate counting. Colors – Learn colors with a spinning color wheel.Shapes – Learn basic shapes.Words – Learn 85 more words split into four different word decks. 35 new words added in v1.7! The decks are: animals, house / indoor, transportation / outdoor, and all 33 Dolch pre-primer sight words.Visit the options menu to turn set the flash cards to play in order or in shuffled order. You can turn the sound off if you’d like to work with your child and the flash cards yourself. And you can set Button Block on or off. This feature — requested by users — blocks your phone’s Back, Search, Camera and Call buttons; use the Home key to exit the app.Preschool Basics is regularly maintained and improved based on user feedback. New content is also added. Support for 10" tablets added in v1.9. Send any suggestions, problems or comments via email.Keywords: toddler, kids, ABC, ABC’s, numbers, colors, shapes, educational, children, preschool, preschool-aged, flash cards, flashcardsCopyright © 2012 kcToolbox. All Rights Reserved.

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