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Background service to add support for variable speed or pitch for playback of MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files. AAC is not supported due to existing patents.If you sent me an e-mail from Google Checkout, e-mail responses are bouncing as undeliverable. Please e-mail me directly at aocate@gmail.comI have been informed that the following apps have added support for Presto:- BeyondPod- DoggCatcher- PodTrapper- Pocket CastsThe Presto developer is a different developer from those applications. Those developers are not responsible for Presto’s implementation, bugs, or cost.Presto is still in beta. Bugs are listed at the end of this description. Please e-mail me if you find new bugs. I apologize for the lack of updates; I bit off way more than I can chew this semester. Work is ongoing, but I can only spare a few hours at a time on some Mondays. Please be patient.Apps using Presto must be restarted after upgrading Presto.Download problems are a problem with the Android Market, not with Presto. See these pages for potential solutions: developers: See the home page for nearly drop-in code that replaces, using Presto when available, or gracefully degrading to use the default Android MediaPlayer when not.Known bugs (please e-mail me if you find any new ones or any of these impact you too severely; I have no means to respond to Market comments). Asterisks (*) indicate bugs that have not been observed in a while; please e-mail me if you encounter them so I can confirm they are not fixed.#18 – ANR In BeyondPod#36* – Self-Combined Files With Chapters Don’t Work#45 – Potential Infinite Recursion When Erroring#48 – Only Signed 16 MP3s Work#49 – Blogtalk radio media files duration calculated as twice as long as it actually is#51 – PodTrapper Only Reaches 99% Progress#62 – Very Large (> 100 MB) Files May Not Play at Variant Speeds#71 – Crash When Bluetooth Connected/Disconnected#73 – UnsatisfiedLinkError causes force closeRemember that sending an e-mail is a lot more likely to get a problem fixed than anything else (such as posting a comment).Internet access is necessary to play files from the Internet; before ICS, this was inherited from the calling app, but ICS changed this.

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