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by On May 1, 2013
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This application is used to save money in the shopping cart. Compare unit prices between 2 items.For example, you can compare the price of 2 offers of toilet paper (Item A and Item B).Item A costs 8.95 and has 60 units + 20 gift and Item B costs 10 and has 85 units.At first it seems that it is cheaper Item B but considering the 20 units gift is cheaper Item A:Price/unit Item A: 0.11Price/unit Item B: 0.12Data to enter:     * Price Item A.     * Units Item A.     * Price Item B.     * Units Item B.Results:    * The cheapest is the green one.    * The most expensive is the red one.    * If you have only one item the result is in purple.Features:     - 2 languages: English and Spanish.     - Simple interface.For any questions or improves contact in the email that appears in the application.

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