High Priestess Etain cannot deny her new lover-but his identity nags at her as the people begin to talk of the new religion of Christianity and burning or hanging those who cling to the old ways. When she met him at Beltane, they were both masked, pulled to one another by nothing more than lust-or so they thought… Bru and Etain, defying tradition, continue to meet after Beltane and he remains masked, igniting her curiosity and fear even more. The son of a magistrate and a priestess, Bru still clings to the ways of the Old Religion, against his father’s will. He is willing to turn his back on life as he knows it to become Etain’s consort. But, the secret of who is father is could be a matter of life and death for her…Their journey to one another leads them through castles, fairy realms, masked and unmasked liaisons, and back to one another to a surprise ending that will take your breath away.If you enjoy Beltane romance books see all we have to offer at

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