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Trial Version: Buttons PDF, Office, and Images, prints test files.Print PDF documents, Office, OpenOffice, txt and all kind of images, from your Android device directly to any printer connected to your PC. (Including network and WiFi printers).Not need additional drivers or cables directly from your WiFi connection or 3G/4G.Print any text stored in the clipboard.Generates a file of type Clipboard #.TxtPrint and save the contact information: Name, phones and email.This function can generate a very long report, so it is advised, save without printing.Generates a file of type ContactsMlc.csvDownload the Windows server from here: and follow the installation instructions.Install the server on the PCs you need: office, home, warehouse, etc.Configure on your Android device, the connections to those PCsPrint will be as simple as choosing File, connection and printer.All files sent to the server are stored in the application directory, Files subfolder.Use the SAVE option to send the file to the server, not print.You must have installed on your PC programs that open these files: Abobe Reader, etc..User Guide-Download the server, to your Windows PCServerIP : IP, that shows the server, example: : 755Password : the one you want, do not write special characters, eg : print1234Click on the Listen button, the server is listening for connectionsAndroidConfigure a connection with the server parameters.Choose File, eg button PDFChoose connection Choose printerTags: Print, remote printing, word, excel, PDF, Office, txt, OpenOffice, remote connection, Print Website, Web Page, Barcode, EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, Code39.

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