Private Text Untraceable Pro


This is what you’ve all been waiting for, Private Text Untraceable goes pro with a bigger better way to keep the text messages you want private. Tired of someone looking over your shoulder to see who your texting? Private Text takes care of that with a completely secret interface disguising itself as a battery charger. Private text intercepts the android messaging service and directs those secret texts right into the app. No need to delete texts so you can be worry free with this completely untraceable texting machine.You can add phone numbers that don’t exist in your contacts and watch them disappear after your text. This is your one stop secret texter and it’s FREE. No need to pay for Shady or any other overpriced texting app. This does it all. Keep it open all the time or only when you want. Download it today and this will be the app you never want to replace.Requires user to have existing text messaging plan. And remember no trace of text messages going out or coming in when the app is open. We get many questions about cell phone bills, will the texts show up? Yes, so switch to paperless bills if you worried about this.instructions:initiate=open text box to compose text messageuninitiate=close text boxtransmit=send text messageselect=select contacts to send tolong click select=add phone number to textdeselect=remove contacts to send toreview=shows secret field with text message message and character countremove=closes secret fieldshake phone to exit app and open internet browser activity

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