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This is the Ad Free Pro Knitting Patterns DatabasePro KPD database is a unique and comprehensive suite of tools designed for knitters & crocheters that catalogues PDF patterns enabling you to find patterns that match your knitting requirements and more.Unsure what can be knitted from your stash of wool, then this is an ideal app for you! Impulse buying no longer required, take the app with you to the wool shop and use it to match yarns to your patterns & check if you need to buy more needles.The app adds new patterns to the database and you can then edit specific fields such as the pattern Name, Gender, Garment Type, Yarn Type, Yarn Weight / Length, Needles, Gauge, Rating, Notes etc.Once you have updated a few patterns you will be able to use the Filter option to only list the patterns for those matching fields.For example, if you want to knit a JUMPER for a BABY and you only have 150 grams of 4ply YARN and size 11 NEEDLES then filter to only show you the patterns that match these requirements.Pressing a result will open the pattern using an installed PDF app like the free Adobe Reader.Now with "My Yarns".List available yarns that are suitable for a chosen pattern or list patterns that can be completed using a particular ‘my yarn’.Also comes with handy knitting calculators and more:ounces to gramsneedles to wool sizesleeve reductionrow increase/decrease calculator2 sock pattern generatorsyarn substitutions, including feet, yards, meters, ounces and grams.abbreviations referencemultiple row / repeat counters with or without pattern text displaybutton spacing calculatorneedle sizes referencepattern gallery viewstar ratingsgauge/tensionbuilt in pattern browser for easier downloading of patternsbuilt in web page to PDF conversion for patterns not available as a PDF downloadadd pattern images from pattern, camera or fileadd and edit all categories, i.e. add a new garment type "hats"my needles, catalogue your own needlesmy yarns , catalogue your yarn stashPDF pattern image & text extractionsize guides – tops, hats, socks, gloves etcand much more…In App and on-line helpApp can be moved from device to external memory.PDF patterns can be stored & moved from device memory to external memory if required.Permissions:Internet to open pattern web site links.Read Write external storage to save patterns database.Camera to add your own projects to the gallery.Note this App does not provide you with any knitting patterns but relies on you sourcing and downloading your favourite patterns in PDF format.External Memory means either a SD card or device internal memory designed by the phone manufacturer for the use of storing external files.Converting HTML web patterns to PDFYou can convert any pattern web pages to PDF format using the built in Page2PDF function from within the apps web browser.ThanksZorac

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