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Get Skyvi NOW! Skyvi knows everything from Local Businesses to Celebrities! She can text/call friends, find places, make witty remarks and even tells jokes. Update Facebook and Twitter Too! GET IT NOW! Tell FRIENDS! [Change Log Below]TELL FRIENDS to DOWNLOAD!HELP! MAKE a YouTube Video & we’ll FEATURE it HERE! (Email to know it’s not perfect, but we’re working hard to make it better than Siri! If you like Skyvi, please support us with a 5-Star Review!Got Siri jealousy? Get Skyvi Now!Key Features:-Voice Texting-Fast find and call places-Get directions-Call Contacts-Play music-Local weather and time-Fun chats, witty remarks, tells jokes-Text by Voice-Tweet or Update Facebook with Voice-Ask questions with voiceIf you’ve tried other voice ,hands free, handsfree and digital assistant apps like Iris, vLingo, Speaktoit Assistant, Andy, Sonalight Text by Voice, Jeannie, AIVC, TiKL, EVA Intern, Voice Search, Gosms, Dropbox, or Voice Actions be sure to try Skyvi and be amazed! Finally be hands-free!Disclaimer: Skyvi is not affiliated with Apple or Siri in anyway.RECENT CHANGES:4/22:Fixed random crash due to ads3/07:Fixed crash bug on navigate and call2/14:Fixed sound settings problemsFaster startupCrash bug1/04:Fixed no location errorsFixed startup crashes12/07:Fix startup crash for certain users11/30:Fixed crash bug when getting Sms11/27:Speed ImprovementsBug fixes11/05:Fixed bugs for reading SMSLower battery use10/31:Smaller download sizeSpeed and stability improvements10/16:Better texting supportBug fixes10/12:Tablet supportBug fixes09/28:Bug fixesFix voice data not available to some users09/18:Fixed voice reply sometimes not working09/13:Fixed crash bugsFixed manual sms replyFixed screen flicker09/11:Nicer UI!Bug FixesCool Car modes!09/04:Mic problems fixed for more peopleSMS sent smootherCrash bugs09/03:Fixed mic problems!08/31:Get the New SkyviPunctuation!Faster and better07/19:Move app to SD cardForced close fixes06/22:Fixed Twitter crash bug06/16:Widgets!Improved navigation06/06:Skyvi remembers your friend’s nicknames!06/01:Fixed facebook integration problem05/25:Fixed phantom texts for Verizon customersFixed bug in navigation05/17:Plays music! :-)Keywords: chat, speak, talk, talking, voice, speaking, speech, assistant, concierge

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