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**ROOT NEEDED**Want Jelly Bean project butter like smoothness in your Rom too? Then the wait is over! Introducing the Speed tweaks and a special Always On HW ( Hardware Acceleration ) for your Smartphone. The tool improvements make day to day activities a breeze. Fast and snappier response is its core Goal. In addition the Speed Tweaks option allows you to get the same smoothness at lower CPU frequency resulting in a battery life improvement. Even if you are using jelly bean, using this tool will add even more responsiveness to just everything. You can verify this in games too! Now the new update includes an inbuilt task killer! That’s Auto so do not take any memory or CPU resources + it enhances android memory reclaiming! ***NOTE****If you don’t know what Root means then this app is not for you.Always do a full Nandroid backup as it is your Best Friend!Although you may notice the boost from the instance you applied all the settings, a full reboot is recommended. Also note that buttery experience will grow after a little while and the final result will vary upon the Rom optimization. Please wait until it shows messages about a Permission Granted and Settings applied.——-In case you need to uninstall the app, just uncheck all the options and hit done. After that you can uninstall. In this way you can avoid all fuss. Also if you want a Refund then just uninstall the app within 15 minutes so get a Automatic refund or contact Us. Also give us opportunity to resolve your issue (if any) then you may leave feedback.———–Features:*Set on boot (just set once and forget the software as it will automatically apply same settings on restart)*Works on ICS and Jellybean too :)*From v2.1 it instantly clears cache partition and optimizes user application for lesser load times.*Small and simple just an MB large!*Easy to use. Just select and touch Done! *Has an Enhanced Auto Task Killer for Memory management. ***Its a Game Booster too that will allow you to play your favourite games smoothly without overclocking! You may additionally underclock to preserve battery if games were already running smoothly. Hence it becomes a battery saver!*Does not consume ram after settings applied or after starting the boot service. Just does its work and kills itself afterwards.What’s needed to run:Android 2.3.3+ (May cause boot loops if lower than this! )ROOT PERMISSIONDO NOT move the app to SDCard (needed for proper "Apply on boot option" functioning)SEO purpose Tags: Auto task killer , Memory Booster , Lag Remover , Speed Tweaks , OOM , Sysctl , memory cleaner , Game Booster , Game Gain , Overclock , Ram Booster , Autokill , Gamegain 2 , gain , gamebooster , game , boost , booster , charger , over , clock , fps .

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