Pronounceable Passwords GeneratorHave you ever tried to create quickly a password which is both secure and easy to remember? Did you find it difficult? This password generator solves this problem for you!Why this program is different than the other password generators? There is a number of differences: – it generates secure passwords that are easier to remember – the process of password generation is highly streamlined – the password templates used to generate passwords are easily customizableThe passwords generated by the program: – Are secure because they contain both lower-case and upper-case letters, digits and special characters, – Are easy to remember because they are build from random syllables connected together using rules from the English language, so, they resemble real words but they are not real words and cannot be broken using the dictionary method – Can be pronounced in the case you have to pass them verbally, for example via phoneThe process of generation is highly streamlined and requires only three steps, namely: 1) Select the type of password from the list of available password templates 2) Browse through the list of passwords generated based on the selected password template and select the one you like. If you do not like any of those passwords, select the last element of the list and a new set will be generated for you. 3) Copy it to the clipboard or e-mail it to yourselfNote that you can customize the predefined templates

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