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DeveloperNicolas Ortiz
Added4 years ago
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Google Rating4.4
by On August 11, 2010
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PS3 Trophies PRO lets you see your PSN friends status and what they are playing, see your games, trophies, compare against your friendsBest Playstation 3 app for Android!!!See what your PSN friends are playing, see their profileGames, trophies, Games Guides. Friend Notification StatusTrophy Card Widget.Schedule Game EventsEvents RemindersPost on the WallGet PM NotificationsRankingsTwitterFacebookFriend Compare (Profile/Games/Trophies)Favorite UsersPlaystation.BLOG (EU, US, BR, LATAM)Follow me @IndiesoftwareATTENTION: If you upgrade to PRO, you dont need to download the PRO version. This same version will enable all features of PRO. You should download always (if reinstalling) the LITE versionIF YOU HAVE LOGIN PROBLEMS, go to, SIGN IN and go to your FRIENDS list, then try the app againIf you get 'unexpected error' when validating, please contact meThis app uses Sliding Menu by Jeremy Feinstein

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