PTA(Physical therapist) Lite


This is the Lite version of our "Physical Therapist Assistant App". This is a simple version that will allow the student to try out the App before buying the premium one.On this App you will find:* PTA Abbreviations* Perioperative* Musculoskeletal* ExercisesTo support our efforts to provide PTA students with tools to help in their learning, please purchase the premium version. For less than the price of a burger you get an essential learning and Prep tool at your finger tips. Our Physical therapist assistant App helps you prepare for the NPTAE (National Physical therapy Assistant Exam)without having to cram or stress. It comes with over 1000 flashcards and test questions.The flashcards are designed to give students a quick reference and an easy way to go through the various topics contained in the exam. The UI is simple for easier and quicker reference. Topics include:* PT abbreviations* Reflexes* Joints and Planes* Bones* Kinesiology* Motor control* Ambulation* Cardiovascular* Balance* Pulmonary* Imaging-Calculator included-BMI calculatorAbout Alfajiri Mobile SolutionsAlfajiri mobile solutions is an independent App Company dedicated to providing intuitive, engaging and interactive educational Applications for Healthcare, IT and Business industries. We provide a way for students to study and practice through their mobile devices by creating quality content that goes above and beyond what they will encounter in the actual Test. We give Students tools that make learning easy and fun and that will make you an above average student. Our Flashcards, questions and rationales are designed to give Students a deep understanding of topics without having to cram.

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