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App seller can't identify review writer (because of Google policy). You must contact us by e-mail if you have any issues like game playing or purchase.---------------------------The amazing world of thrilling entertainment, right in your hands!Discover Pucca Theme Park, where you can make and run your own theme park!It’s weekend everyday with Pucca Theme Park,where you can blow off stress by recreating your own amusement park filled with thrilling rides, cute stage performances, and exciting circus shows!------------------------------------------------------------At Pucca Theme Park, you can relive the excitement of amusement parks with the animated rides and watch cute Pucca characters performing.------------------------------------------------------------Pucca Theme Park is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablet.Come and have fun at Pucca Theme Park with your friends!------------------------------------------------------------Many themes will be available at Pucca Theme Park, allowing you to create your own original amusement park.The first available theme is the Country Village, where you will find various rides made in wood and circus performances such as the Elephant Show. Visitors start gathering when the clown performance begins.Take them on exciting rides and share the fun!Also, try popping the balloons carried around by the visitors!You can get various items from the balloons. Now the only question is… which ride do you want to try out first?------------------------------------------------------------Pucca Theme Park is FREE!You can also purchase and install additional items for more fun!------------------------------------------------------------Follow us on Facebook : www.facebook.com/puccathemeparkFollow us on Youtube : www.youtube.com/puccathemepark

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