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by Mridul (July 5, 2011)it was good before update because when ur eyes are closed the mobile vibrates automatically but now it is not possibleDear Mridul,Thank you for your feedback. The fuctionality of viration when you press the beads still exists in the application. Please check the checkbox- vibrate in the left hand bottom of the application to activate this functionality at will.Thanks!Team - InnovationMantraJuly 5th 2011Puja bead counter is a very simple application for those who are in the habit of using rosary or rudraksha beads while praying. 1. With this application you dont have to carry the beads. Just enter the number of beads your mala has and then touching the button leads to increments. 2. Device should vibrate when the number of beads entered equals your chants (please check the checkbox- vibrate to activate the same)3. Alternatively this application can be used as a simple touch counter as well.4. The Button covers majority of screen area to help you concentrate on japa rather than the deviceAlthough we are raking our brain cells to make every new upgrade of this application to help us meditate and remember that almighty but requesting you to kindly provide me with your views and feedback.Thank you very much for reading this and using the applicationInnovationMantra

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