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Calculate your odds of winning and get an edge over pull tabs with PullTabOddsDelux. This app lets you track your five favorite pull-tab games, all at the same time. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!You’re at your favorite neighborhood pub or convenience store, looking at the bin of pull tab tickets. Is there any point in buying a few? You like playing but is there really any chance of you winning? Which kind should you play to get the best odds?To get the answer to these questions, you merely open the PullTabOddsDelux and put in the prize amounts, number of potential winners and how many cash prizes have already been won. In just a second, your odds of winning are displayed right there on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad screen. Now, you can decide whether or not it’s worth investing a few bucks on tickets.PullTabOddsDelux is your games of chance companion, taking basic pull tab ticket information and calculating your odds of winning.The app doesn’t just work on one game, either. PullTabOddsDelux lets you track five pull tab games, all at the same time. You’ll know instantly which tickets give you the best shot of winning cash.Check out the PullTabOddsDelux features:* Easy-to-use interface* Calculates your odds of winning with basic information supplied* Track 5 pull-tab games at once* Free version available* Both free and paid versions are ad-free!Knowing your odds may help you increase your number of wins.Download PullTabOddsDelux now to give yourself a winning edge.

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