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Puppies grow up very quickly. Dog childhood lasts only a few months. But this time, they have time to go through several stages of both physical and mental development. But if the physical formation babies is easy to see with the naked eye, then the development of the psyche novice breeder should learn as much as possible. Errors in educating your puppy can cause serious deviations from normal behavior in the future. Very large influence on the right, that is desirable for the host qualities puppy makes a time when the puppies taken away from her mother and transfer to a new, already the human family-pack. In terms zoopsychologists, optimal for weaned considered age after 49-day life of a puppy. This period ends with the formation of the nervous system. Puppy full of curiosity, seeks to understand the world around us, and within a short time he had a commitment to the human host. If the puppy leaves his mother before, such as the 30 – 35 day life, it may appear excessive, unhealthy dependence on host and aggression against other dogs. In addition, after the 35 day puppies have taught the basics of dog behavior and discipline, which is also important for the formation of correct behavior. Puppies same that lived with his mother and brothers a few months to grow too focused on the dog’s life, they are more difficult to tame and teach the correct behavior, and they are not easily ministerial training. A very important period in the life of a baby – from 4 to 8 weeks. At this time the puppy adapts to the world, exploring it. So he should spend as much time as the company owner and his family, and in the company of their relatives. Otherwise puppy behavior to people and dogs can be unpredictable. It can become fearful or conversely too aggressive. It is important that in the period of social adaptation spilkuvalosya puppy with other animals. Especially if later in life dogs will have to meet them, such as cats or farm animals. It should also teach your puppy to travel in cars and public transport, only after vaccinations. Talk with your child during this period will require time and patience, but all the effort spent on education will pay off handsomely, and the dog is a great friend.

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