Puzzle Marble HD (Tab ONLY)


? THE MOST ADDICTIVE PUZZLE on Android Market !!Be careful! Fragile marbles on the floor. These beautiful marbles are ready to give you great pleasure. Pop them as many as you can. Yes, it’s easy! But if you want to clear all the marbles on the floor, oh, it’s not so easy. The more you play, you’ll find your own strategy to make more scores!Try Puzzle Marble, it’ll be your unputdownable game.FOUR DIFFERENT MODEs TO PLAY:? CLASSIC- Tap on clusters of the same colored marbles. – The larger cluster, the more scores you gain.- Try to clear all marbles, and get 200 bonus points!? ACTION- New marbles drop down from the top to fill empty spaces.- You have 1 minute to gain scores.- Pop a bigger cluster, and extend remaining time. ? GRAVITY- No more cluster to pop? Tilt your iPhone to slide marbles to left, right or up. New cluster can be found! – Play in any direction.- Uh-oh, tilting right then right is not the same as tilting up. ;)? PUZZLE- 36 puzzles to test your spatial perception- Clear all marbles on the floor to unlock the next level.- Moving less means more stars.- Try to make the optimal moves. FEATURES? Difficulty option of 4, 5, 6 marbles.? Undo and score preview (Classic Mode) ? Global Leader-board and Achievement with Apple’s Game Center? Beautiful marbles and sophisticated design? Exhilarating music and sound? Compatible with 600×1024 pixel (WSVGA) resolution devices ONLY.Follow Us @blueonionsofthttp://blueonionsoft.com/puzzlemarble

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