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Get now Python cheat sheets, quick reference cards and learning manuals. All the reference you need to learn Python and consult anything anywhere.********CONTENTS********Quick Reference Cards=====================+Python 2.5 Quick Reference Card I+Python 2.5 Quick Reference Card II+Python Cheat Sheet v1+Python 2.2 Quick Reference+Quick Python Script Explanation for Programmers LEARN BASIC PYTHON PROGRAMMING==============================Chapter One. Intro +First things first. Installing Python. Interactive Mode+Creating and Running programs. Using Python from the command line.Chapter Two. Hello, world +What you should know. Printing+Expressions+Talking to humans+Examples+ExercisesChapter Three. Who Goes there? +Input and Variables I+Input and Variables II+Input and Variables III. Examples+ExercisesChapter Four. Count to 10 +While loops I+While loops II. Exercises I+Exercises IIChapter Five. Decisions +If statement+Examples I+Examples II+Examples III+ExercisesChapter Six. Debugging +What is debugging?. What should the program do?+What does the program do?+How do i fix the program?Chapter Seven. Defining Functions +Creating Functions+Variables in functions I+Variables in functions II+Function Walkthrough I+Function Walkthrough II+Examples I+Examples II+ExercisesChapter Eight. Lists +Variables with more than one value. More features of lists I+Variables with more than one value. More features of lists II+Variables with more than one value. More features of lists III+Variables with more than one value. More features of lists IV+Variables with more than one value. More features of lists V+Examples+ExercisesChapter Nine. For Loops +Example of For Loops I+Example of For Loops II+Example of For Loops III+Example of For Loops IVChapter Ten. Boolean Expressions +Example of boolean expressions I+Example of boolean expressions II+Example of boolean expressions IIIChapter Eleven. Dictionaries +Example of dictionary I+Example of dictionary II+Example of dictionary III+Example of dictionary IV+Example of dictionary V+Example of dictionary VIChapter Twelve. Using Modules +Calendar Exercise I+Calendar Exercise IIChapter Thirteen. More on Lists +More detail on lists I+More detail on lists II+More detail on lists III+More detail on lists IV+More detail on lists VChapter Fourteen. Revenge of the strings +Trick with strings I+Trick with strings II+Trick with strings III+Trick with strings IV+Trick with strings VChapter Fifteen. File IO +Example of file I/O I+Example of file I/O II+Example of file I/O III+Example of file I/O IV+Example of file I/O VChapter Sixteen. Handling Errors +How to handle errors----------------------------------------SD Installation supportPERMISSIONS:============Why READ_PHONE_STATE / CHECK_LICENSE permissions?The application verifies it has been been purchased using google licensing library (CHECK_LICENSE). Google recommends to use the telephone identifier (READ_PHONE_STATE) to avoid piracy. Not used for anything else.

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