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★★那些年,我们一起追过的动漫明星们★★儿时经常会幻想,如果专打小怪兽的凹凸曼与顶级忍者PK,到底谁会赢?小龙VS雷神,又会出现怎样的震撼对决?每个动漫、游戏都有着自己独立的世界观,有谁会想过它们人物跳出年代及国家的框框,来个跨界大战呢?如今,机会来了!儿时幻想的传奇人物跨界PK的梦想已经实现!《Q英雄》空前集结各路英雄人物激情PK!全球首款动漫明星大PK游戏《Q英雄》,将打破时间与空间的限制,把动漫、影视、游戏中的传奇英雄们汇聚一堂,展开终极PK。在《Q英雄》中,玩家可以像电影中的博士一样,组建自己的英雄学院,为自己的英雄们改造武器装备!可爱萌动的英雄造型,搞怪离奇的故事,带领玩家进入一个神秘的Q世界。使用自己喜欢的人物,圆儿时跨界PK的梦!动漫英雄出场,必定不凡!从天而降的钢铁战神、精通各种忍术的影、飞檐走壁的变异蜘蛛人……在游戏中,每个动漫明星都会采取个人形象闪耀登场,每个名人英雄都有其各自的特色表现。★★游戏特色★★★Q英雄齐汇聚精致Q版独特呈现,动漫明星、传奇英雄各具特色,在Q版画风的渲染下,举手投足、一招一式都显得憨态可掬,可爱十足的同时又不失英雄应有的霸气,《Q英雄》精彩一一呈现。★动漫明星大PK华丽战斗特效动漫英雄出场,必定不凡!从天而降的Iron Man、精通各种忍术的Hatake Kakashi、飞檐走壁的Peter Parker……在游戏中,每个动漫明星都会采取个人形象闪耀登场,每个名人英雄都有其各自的特色表现。★百变阵型没有最强阵型,只有更强阵型!阵型搭配相生相克,正确合适的英雄阵型搭配可帮助玩家以弱胜强、事倍功半。注重防御的宙斯之 盾形,强化攻速的金色闪电形,狂暴化攻击的雷神之锤形等,英雄阵型搭配多样化!★多人社团战英雄PK,挑战无限!在多人社团站中,超级英雄将独挑5只队伍。酣畅淋漓的战斗激情、英雄PK的震撼场面,无论是捍卫国家的阵营争夺战、还是增加声望的金矿抢夺战,都会让你热血沸腾!★玩法多元化神秘的卡牌收集功能满足收藏爱好、广交天下豪杰的魔法阵活动、方便自由的挂机功能,增进感情的社团活动,通力协作的多人副本……无论是喜欢休闲型、PK型、还是社交型的玩家,均可以在《Q英雄》中找到自己喜欢的玩法.Those years, we caught up with animation stars ★ ★ ★ ★Childhood often fantasy, designed played little monster bump Man with top ninja PK who would win in the end? Dragons vs Thor, will emerge how shock matchup? Each animation, games have their own independent view of the world, who thought they figure jumped out yearsThe confines of the country, to a cross-border war?Today, the chance! The the childhood fantasy legend transboundary PK dream has come true! "Q Hero unprecedented build-up of the brightest heroes passion PK!The world's first cartoon star PK game "Q Hero", will break the constraints of time and space, animation, film, the game's legendary heroes come together, expand the ultimate PK. "Q Hero, players can like the movie Dr., set up their ownCollege of heroes, for their own heroes transform weapons and equipment! Cute budding hero modeling, Funny and bizarre story, leading the player into a mysterious Q world. Use your favorite character, round childhood dream of cross-border PK!Animation the hero appearance, must be extraordinary! Steel Ares fell from the sky, proficient in a variety of Ninjutsu the shadow, Feiyanzoubi spiders ... In the game, each cartoon star will take personal image sparkling debut, each celebrity hero has its own specialty performance.★ ★ Game Features ★ ★★ Q hero Qi aggregationQ Hero wonderful exquisite Q version of the unique presentation, cartoon star, the legendary hero has its own characteristics, Q-style rendering, gestures, one by one and all seem naive, the lovely full at the same time without losing the hero should domineering, presented one by one.★ cartoon star PKGorgeous combat effectsAnimation the hero appearance, must be extraordinary! The Iron Man fell from the sky, proficient in a variety of Ninjutsu Hatake Kakashi, Feiyanzoubi Peter Parker ... In the game, each cartoon star to take personal image sparkling debut, each celebrity heroPerformance of their own characteristics.★ Variety formationNot the strongest formation, only Stronger formation! Formation with equal grams, the right hero formation with can help players David and Goliath, less effective. Focus on defensive shield of Zeus, strengthen IAS golden lightning bolt of violent attacks Quake-shaped, Hero formation with a variety!★ multiplayer Societies warHero PK, unlimited challenges! In multiplayer community station, the superhero will be the only pick five teams. Hearty passion for fighting, hero PK shocking scenes, whether it is to defend the national camp battle, or to increase the prestige of gold snatch war, will make your blood boil!★ wide variety of bettingThe mysterious card collection capabilities to meet collection hobby, make the world hero magic activities, to facilitate the free hook function, enhance feelings of community activities, collaboration more than a copy ...... whether it is like leisure, PK, or social type of players, can beQ hero ", to find their favorite play.

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