Q2 keyboard


Features- A variety of language and input method supportEnglishLatinGermanSpanishFrenchJapaneseRussianUkrainianKorean- Hangul-Hanja conversion functionOf 4800 W Commercial Kanji conversion.-5 Ten keyboard can be usedCan be used on top of the keyboard, the numeric keyboard by placing the keyboard arrows or- Hardware keyboard supportBasic and short vowel in the hardware keyboard input method can be used.- Long press gesture andAnd press and hold a variety of gesture commands can be run.- AutoText,To register as an AutoText entry and you can enter frequently used sentences.- CustomizationCan set the theme and the layout of the keyboard to suit your tastes.Applicable list of keyboard themeGo KeyboardBetter KeyboardHD KeyboardPerfect KeyboardUltra KeyboardSmart KeyboardThis image is protected by Apache License 2.0 and the source application.

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