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Qontags are the new brilliant way to manage your contact information, create your grouped data and share. Rather than managing and keeping up-to-date with other people's contact information, you keep your own information up-to-date and issue your Qontag that will always hold your latest information. Create yours today!* Qontags for your CV* Qontags for your friends* Qontags for your email addresses* Qontags for your internet profiles* Qontags for anythingYour Qontags can store information such as:* MSN ID* Xbox Live Gamertag* Steam ID* Facebook URL* Twitter ID* Youtube URL* Mobile Number* WhatsApp number* Email Address* And pretty much anything and everythingQontag is a cloud based service that allows all your contacts to keep up-to-date, and keeps you in control of your data. As you update your data, the persons with your Qontag will also be updated. Don't want them to have your information anymore? Don't worry, deleted qontag = deleted is a free service for all to enjoy and to improve communication.

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