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This application displays earthquakes in Japan very graphically. Main Features *Latest Eq.: display latest about 20 earthquakes in Japan *Big Eq.(2 years): display earthquakes in magnitude 5.5 or more for two years in Japan *Major Eq.(1900-) display major earthquakes since 1900 in Japan How To *When each pin is done in the tap, details of the corresponding earthquake are displayed. -Upper Left :magnitude of the earthquake(unit-M) -Upper Middle:observed maximum seismic intensity -Upper Right:the focus(unit-km) -Left Lower :time of occurrence of the earthquake -Right Lower:Japanese name of the focus(sorry Japanese only) *Each pin classifies according to the scale of the earthquake. -Over M7.0 :red color pin -Over M6.0 :purple color pin -Under M6.0:green color pinWith the depth of the focus, opacity is set up in three steps. -0~49km:100%-50~99km:75%-100km~ or unknown:50%*The reduced scale changes by Pinch In (Pinch Out) over the map. *When the main body is done in shake, the earthquake that occurs ahead is displayed. Application Consideartion *This application can't display earthquakes in real time. *This application uses the information of earthquakes from Japan Weather Association. *This application can display the earthquake about 20 min. after the announcement. *This application doesn't display the earthquake which detail is unknown. *This application displays the depth of a shallow earthquake as 0km. *When the earthquakes happened in the same place, each hypocenter information is displayed by tapping the same pin. *The information about major earthquakes is referring to the book(science chronology) and the information on Wikipedia.

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