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FOR TABLET USERS, PLEASE GO TO SETTINGS > DEVELOPER OPTIONS AND UNCHECK "Don't keep activities" FOR THIS APP TO WORK PROPERLY FOR NOWEver wanted to set up a tournament with your friends but can never decide how to schedule the matches? Quick Tournament Maker strives to take away the hassle of deciding by creating the schedule for you, whether by Elimination (AKA Brackets), Double Elimination or Round Robin. Features:1)Quick StartUse numbers to reference each player or team for your tournaments. This will save time by skipping the task of adding every player (or team) name into the database. 2) Full StartUse inputted names for your tournaments. This will save you the hassle of reassigning numbers and remembering who they reference.3) Elimination (Bracket)Also known as bracket style tournament, each player or team will be pitted against another. The winners of that round will face each other etc. until a winner emerges. When the number of players (or teams) is odd or not a power of 2, an empty slot will occur (AKA "Bye") where the other player or team will automatically be the winner.4) Double EliminationSimilar to "Elimination" except a player or team has to lose twice to be eliminated. One loss will result in getting moved into the loser bracket to go against other losers. In the end, the winner of the "Winner Bracket" and the winner of the "Loser Bracket" will face off in the "Final Bracket". 5) Round RobinEach player or team will take turn facing each other exactly once. An empty slot (AKA "Bye") will be used if there are an odd number of players or teams. You can decide whether he, she or they who faces the "Bye"; should get a win or not. 6) SurvivalFor each round, a certain number of players/teams will be deemed winners and the rest will be losers. The winners will progress to the next round and so forth until there are no more rounds left. Similar to the format of American Idol or Hell's Kitchen.7) Save and Load previous tournamentsYou can also save and reload your tournaments whenever you want. The custom tournament title, number of players and most recent time you saved will be recorded------------------Please add "Quick Tournament Maker: " at the beginning of your subject line when emailing me. Please also report bugs through emails so that we may converse in more details.

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