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Automated Overclocking & Undervolting utility for multiple devices. Powerful and easy to use. If you want to get the most out of your processor, you should try this out.Big News: Rewritten to support any number of CPU scaling slots! (Droid 1, Defy, etc). If you have any trouble when upgrading, do the following: 1) Uninstall any overclocking utilities you have. 2) Reboot the device to ensure you’re at stock settings. 3) Install QuickClock and calibrate.*Root Access is Required to Overclock*Features: – Auto-find max speed – Auto-find min voltages – Auto-calibrated profiles – Interactive Widget for fast profile switching – Overclock at Boot w/SDCard failsafe – Battery temperature reading – Stress test (for testing overclock stability) – Safeguards against high voltages – Anti-turtler – Full control over all values – Export profiles – Setscaling script builderQuickClock *automatically* determines the ideal scaling voltages and overclocked speeds for your device’s processor as well as the maximum speed and implements safegaurds to reduce the possibility for any kind of damage. Use this app to quickly and easily overclock, maximize battery (undervolt), and ensure stability all in a minimal number of steps and without the extensive testing usually required. The whole process takes about 5 minutes. Just run the automatic calibration then select your desired overclock profile: * Default * High Speed * Battery Saver * BalancedEach one is built based on the results of the calibration, so you’re not just picking a preset, you’re picking a preset designed specifically to match your device’s CPU. If, for any reason, the resulting values are unstable, just increase the stability buffer. For advanced users, you may take full control over every parameter using FullEdit mode or even use the Script Builder to generate setscaling scripts. If you want to overclock for speed but don’t want to sacrifice battery life or stability, you need to find the right voltages for your unique CPU. Usually this is a long, risky, and arduous process, but the automation available in QuickClock makes everything far smoother, quicker, and easier.Supported Devices: Droid X Defy Droid 2 Droid 1 Droid Pro Milestone Milestone 2 Flipout Galaxy Beam Galaxy A Archos A70 Tablet Archos A101 TabletIf your device is not listed above and you’d like for it to be, let me know. Any rooted device can, however, make use of the min/max frequency and governor controls as well as the stress test.

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