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Quicker lets you put frequently used settings and shortcuts into a single place and access them from there quickly. It extends standard stock settings with better volume and brightness controls, as well as free memory indicators. Built in screen and LED flashlight make it even more useful.Join our Google+ community: http://goo.gl/QGiMgTerms of use: http://goo.gl/2dIkGSwitches: - Brightness (w/ Screen Dimmer for convenient usage of the phone in the darkness) - Ringer mode - Volume streams - Bluetooth - Wi-Fi - Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot* - GPS** - Mobile Data** - Call settings - Auto-sync - Screen timeout - Airplane mode - Auto rotation - Screen lock patternIndicators: - Battery - Free memory (internal, external) - App cache - Digital clockTools: - System shortcuts - Application shortcuts - Flashlight (screen and LED)***Others: - Battery indicator in status bar - Settings backup (configure once and restore at any time later) - Quick launch via status bar shortcut or by long-pressing hardware "search" buttonQuicker uses following permissions: - "Storage" for backup / restore feature - "GPS location" for switching GPS on/off (see **) - "Take picture & video" for LED flashlight - "Directly call" for the shortcut widget when you adding a direct call shortcut - "Reading log data" for being able to report issues - "System tools" permissions for changing various system settingsQuicker uses these permissions for the purposes listed above only.*) Not available for some Android version and phones**) Direct switch is available for some Android versions and phones ***) LED flashlight might not be compatible to some phonesFAQ:- Can Quicker launch after phone restart? Yes, just install it to the phone memory (not SD card)- Why Brightness switch does not work? If you have a SwipePad running, then it can interfere with this function on Android 4.0 or higher devices.NOTE 1: Although Quicker does its best to switch Mobile Data, GPS and WiFi Hotspot with a single click, there are devices / Android versions where these settings cannot be switched directly. In such cases shortcuts to stock settings are available only.NOTE 2:Why no direct switch? Because Android security model does not allow installed applications to change secure system parameters. This is done to protect users from malicious application that can misuse those parameters otherwise.

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