Rain Drops Lite


Watch as large drops of rain fall from the sky onto a field of grass and pink flowers in this beautiful, tranquil puzzle game. Gathering more and more complex shapes–starting from simple drops and progressing to animals and abstract shapes–is the goal of the game.Enjoy beautiful graphics and realistic water drops with different visual effects, such as the transmission of light, the overlay of drops, and other features. Helpful tips are featured throughout gameplay to assist the player in solving each puzzle, suggesting positions for new drops, and highlighting incorrect positions.If you want more levels you can always find them in the paid version of the game, only for $ 1.Game features:• Create different shapes out of drops of rain in this beautiful and tranquil puzzle game• Enjoy realistic visual effects such as dynamic lighting and overlayed drops of water• Use helpful tips featured during gameplay to see suggested moves and incorrect drop positions• Become the first who complete all levels. Compete with other players in the first place!

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