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As we are still residing in this earthly world, there is no doubt that we are facing a lot of unfavourable issues everyday Our spirit might always be moved and thus place us to the trough of our spiritual wave, we would then perceive there is no way we could be at the peak again. As such, It is not surprising the thought of “Could and would God raise me up when I am down?” direct us to another deeper trough.“Raise me up” collects 100 bible verses aiming to share with you under difficult circumstances, we need to- believe in the power of the Scripture- entrust to the Holy Spritso as to reveal His love and Christ’s grace. By doing so, we are able to see past the pain of the difficulties and be raised up from the trough.To help you to be inspired by the Scripture, we have incorporated one picture to every verse.“Raise me up” has incorporated the following features:1. Record your thoughtsWhile reading a bible verse, there may be associations, thoughts, appreciation, feeling…rapture in your mind, just one click away to jot down this previous moment.2. Share it by emailWith one click, your thought or the verse being read will be automatically become the content of an email; you could share your mind with others immediately.3. Bookmark your passionWith one click, bookmark your favourable verse so as to ease their retrieval in future for revitalizing your spirit.4. Get your target searched“Raise me up” will find the verses and your though embedded with your target phrase or words input

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