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Rapid Downloader is a download file manager app for Rapidshare premium account (RapidPro) holders. It is free (ad-supported). Rapid Downloader supports the following features: * Supported on the following Android versions: 2.1+. * Background downloading. * Global enable and disable of downloads. * Individually pausable and resumable downloads. * Verification of every download. * Option to enable or disable the use of the mobile data network. * Support for URL redirector links (using HTTP status 301/302/307. Up to 5 chained redirects supported). * Browser integration using three methods. * Ability to navigate files in Rapidshare account and download the files and share the links. * Download retry when the "File owner's public traffic exhausted" error is encountered.Please visit https://sites.google.com/site/dsana123android/home/rapiddownloader for more information and support.v1.12.3:New Features * NoneBug Fixes * TRAC#56: FC when selecting download folder.v1.12.2:New Features * NoneBug Fixes * TRAC#55: FC when downloads stop.v.1.12.0 (and v1.12.1):New Features * Add download retry functionality when the file owner's public traffic has been exhausted.Bug Fixes * TRAC#52: FC when selecting the download folder * TRAC#54: FC on app startup or download retry (fixed in v1.12.1)v1.11.0 (and 1.11.1):New Features * Add support for correctly detecting when file owner's public traffic has been exhausted , and other errors (1.11.1).Bug Fixes * TRAC #50: FC if no browser has been registered when pressing on Donate or About option.v1.10.4:New Features * NoneBug Fixes * TRAC #49: FC in the add downloads dialog. * TRAC #48: FC when downloads are stopped.v1.10.3:New Features * NoneBug Fixes* TRAC #47: Another FC connected to the 'add url' functionality.* TRAC #45: FC when attempting to passing invalid data to Rapid Downloader using the 'Share With' command.v1.10.2:New Features* NoneBug Fixes* TRAC #42: FC when stopping service.* TRAC #40: FC when adding URL links from the browser (regression introduced in v1.10.1).v1.10.1:New Features* NoneBug Fixes* TRAC #41: FC when touching action bar title.* TRAC #40: FC when adding URL links from the browser (similar to TRAC #36). v1.10.0:New Features* Add crash reporting.* Update third-party libraries. Bug Fixes* Nonev1.9.10:New Features* NoneBug Fixes* TRAC #39: Erroneous 'File Does Not Exist' error when sharing the URL link in the Dolphin Browser.v.1.9.9:New Features* NoneBug Fixes* TRAC #38: Force Close when attempting to add files to the download list which exceed 2GB.v1.9.7 (and v.1.9.8):Sorry, I was in too much of a rush to make a 1.9.6 bugfix release that I neglected another bug (again to do with adding links from the browser).v1.9.6:New Features*NoneBug Fixes* TRAC #37: Force Close when clicking Add button when edit box is emptyv.1.9.5:New Features * None Bug Fixes * TRAC #35: Password and files containing special characters are not correctly handled. * TRAC #36: Force Close when adding a browser link. v1.9.4:New Features* NoneBug Fixes* TRAC #34: Force Close when swiping between pages.v1.9.3:New Features * NoneBug Fixes* TRAC #33: Force close if Rapid Downloader is given null URL from the browser or other app.v1.9.2: New Features * None Bug Fixes * TRAC #32: Intermittent Force Close if downloading is stopped immediately after a download item is restarted.v.1.9.1: New Features * None Bug Fixes * TRAC #31: Force Close after selecting app from "recent apps list" after updating the app.v1.9.0: New Features TRAC #30: Warn user if downloads are blocked on the "Allow Mobile Data" setting. Bug Fixes TRAC #28,#29: Force Close occurring when app permissions are prohibited.

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