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– RAS Mobile allows you to access remote sites and monitor live video via network connection anytime, anywhere.- Featured GridView for multiple cameras- Featured DashBoard for connection status- Featured Touch to Scroll for selecting cameras- Featured PTZ control- Featured Playback.- Featured 2-way Audio.* The versions of Android RAS Mobile has been tested on : – 4.2.x (Jelly bean) – 4.1.x (Jelly bean) – 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) – 2.3.x (Gingerbread) – 3.2 (Honeycomb) – 2.2.x (Froyo)Supported DVRs:# IDIS– CDR Series=== CDR410 (Firmware v1.1.0)=== CDR420 (Firmware v4.3.0)=== CDR800 (Firmware v2.1.0)=== CDR801 (Firmware v2.3.0)=== CDR1600 (Firmware v2.1.0)=== CDR1601 (Firmware v2.3.0)– ED Series=== ED104 (Firmware v1.1.0)=== ED204 (Firmware v1.1.0)=== ED208 (Firmware v1.1.0)=== ED416 (Firmware v1.1.0)– HD Series=== HD208 (Firmware v1.1.2)=== HD416 (Firmware v1.1.2)=== HD416 Hybrid (Firmware v2.1.0)– HDR Series=== HDR1600 (Firmware v2.3.0)– ID/PC Series=== ID832 (Firmware v7.00.080)=== IDx16 (Firmware v7.00.080)=== PCx16 (Firmware v7.00.080)– IDR/PCR Series=== IDR4xxx (Firmware v7.00.011)=== PCR4xxx (Firmware v7.00.011)– INT Series=== INT1000 (Firmware v2.3.0)=== INT4000 (Firmware v2.2.0)– LD Series=== LD104 (Firmware v1.2.0)=== LD104 II (Firmware v2.0.0)=== LD208 (Firmware v1.2.0)– MD Series=== MD208 (Firmware v1.2.0)=== MD416 (Firmware v1.2.0)– MDR Series=== MDR410 (Firmware v1.2.0)=== MDR810 (Firmware v1.2.0)– NC Series=== NC-A103-WH (Firmware v1.0.0)=== NC-A2x0-WH (Firmware v1.0.0)=== NC-B1 (Firmware v1.5.3 or v2.2.3)=== NC-B2 (Firmware v1.0.0)=== NC-D1 (Firmware v1.5.3 or v2.2.3)=== NC-D2 (Firmware v1.0.0)=== NC-E103 (Firmware v1.0.1)=== NC-EP103-IR (Firmware v1.0.0)=== NC-EP103-IR1 (Firmware v1.0.0)=== NC-P103-WV (Firmware v1.3.0)=== NC-S103-3Z (Firmware v1.3.0)– SD Series=== SD104 (Firmware v1.4.0)=== SD104C (Firmware v1.2.0)=== SD104S (Firmware v1.2.0)=== SD204 (Firmware v1.5.0)=== SD204C (Firmware v2.0.0)=== SD204S (Firmware v2.0.0)=== SD208 (Firmware v1.4.0)=== SD408 (Firmware v1.5.0)=== SD416 (Firmware v1.4.0)– SDR 4XX Series === SDR400A (Firmware v1.3.1)=== SDR402 (Firmware v3.6.1)=== SDR420 (Firmware v1.3.0)=== SDR421 (Firmware v1.3.0)– SDR 8xx Series=== SDR800 (Firmware v2.0.2) === SDR1600 (Firmware v2.0.2) — XD Series=== XD208 (Firmware v1.2.0)=== XD416 (Firmware v1.2.0)=== XD416 Hybrid (Firmware v2.1.0)– XDR Series=== XDRPRO802 (Firmware v2.4.1)=== XDRPRO900 (Firmware v4.0.1)=== XDRPRO1600 (Firmware v4.0.1)=== XDRPRO1602 (Firmware v2.4.1)=== XDRSTD900 (Firmware v4.0.1)=== XDRSTD1600 (Firmware v4.0.1)

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