RAZR Clock Widgets Pro Pack


Ultimate EYE-Phone RAZR Clock Widget Pack (+ BONUS wallpapers) are a set of premium clock widgets and wallpapers, custom designed from scratch to match the premium Ultimate EYE-Phone / Pink EYE-Phone GO Launcher EX Themes! (Screenshots feature premium ‘Ultimate EYE Phone’ and ‘Pink EYE-Phone’ GO Launcher EX Themes)This is the PRO version (ad-free + full set of BONUS wallpapers).ULTIMATE RAZR PRO CLOCK WIDGET PACK FEATURES:+ Clock Widgets are available in 10 different colors: Original RAZR, Purple Metal, White RAZR, Black RAZR, Red RAZR, Blue RAZR, Android Green, Royal Purple, Fuchsia Pink, and Blue Metal.+ Each color of clock widget now comes in 3 selectable sizes.+ Dial features the iconic DROID RAZR style eye, completely redesigned 100% from scratch in a brand new ultimate style! (See support website for comparison chart)+ Hour hand features a rotating eye effect as the hours pass, with an electricity effect on the hand.+ Glowing minute hand features rotating radial eye effects and electric effect.+ Clock widgets are re-sizable to larger or smaller sizes, you can download the free home screen app GO Launcher EX to easily resize this clock widget.+ Includes full set of 11 matching ‘Ultimate RAZR’ BONUS wallpapers!+ Designed to match the premium Ultimate EYE-Phone GO Launcher EX Theme.DIRECTIONS & INSTRUCTIONS:This is a widget, widgets do not open directly from the Android Market, you must apply them.To apply widget:Go to your home screen and press Menu > Add > Widget > Ultimate RAZR PRO Clock WidgetOR Long-press on your home screen > Widget > Ultimate RAZR PRO Clock WidgetTo set BONUS wallpaper:Press Menu > Wallpaper > Ultimate RAZR PRO BONUS Wallpaper > Set WallpaperDEVELOPER NOTES:Please e-mail with any concerns, suggestions, or questions.

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