<div id="doc-original-text" >Republic Broadcast Network Audio Stream Player.<br>Developed by rodev. <br>&quot;Alternative Talk Radio at it's Best&quot;<br>Listen to RBN Live and browse their latest headlines via rss.<br>Real News – Real Talk – Real People<br>Because You CAN &quot;Handle the Truth&quot;<p>(Please Note!)<br>Requires stream capabilities as provided by Service Provider.<br>Buffering: 16k stream connection (buffer time varies with signal strength and/or data connection speed). <p>(Note!) RODEV is NOT affiliated with RBN. This app is provided as a free resource for RBN listeners by RODEV. Please contact <a href="mailto:info@rodev.net">info@rodev.net</a> with issues or comments regarding this app.<p>Mobile Solutions by rodev.net</div>

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